Who knew this bird could fly?

Hi Beautiful Yogi’s,

Welcome to Earth Love Yoga!

I’m Kellie, a level two registered full time yoga teacher and I am so blessed to be creating this nature inspired acreage studio, away from the hustle and bustle but still close to the city and surrounded by lush greenery, sunshine and wildlife. The best part for me is that I get to share it with you…..

This is not your average yoga studio. We have two great spaces, our main inside yoga hall and an undercover aerial yoga garden for you to try something different. Our schedule is currently all aerial classes but we will be adding in general classes very soon too. so please let us know if you are interested in a particular time slot.

Having started teaching aerial on my weekend getaways with In Harmony Yoga Retreats, my enthusiasm for this modality began to increase.  And my retreat guests glowed!  “To be safe, supported and grounded but to also learn I can let go and fly – Aerial transforms the spirit!” (Guest review).

Every class we have a strong focus on breath and present moment awareness and the chance to be either cradled into a meditative slumber in our Bliss class or refreshed and revitalised with Brave class. Can’t wait to meet and guide you somewhere new!


Kellie x


Just Let go!


Two Aerial Classes to choose from…..


 – Bliss Class –

  • Great for beginners

  • No scary hanging poses!

  • Long holds like the “Yin” style of Yoga

  • 20min finishing meditation

 – Brave Class –

  • Increase confidence and self belief

  • Release fears and blockages

  • Revitalize the whole body

  • Joyful and uplifting



New Classes Kids Yoga Fridays 4pm &

Mums n Bubs Tues 10.45am

Aerial Bliss or Brave?

It’s easy breasy to just let it all go in the “Aerial Bliss” class. Gentle leaning and swaying, it brings to mind a blissful baby in a hammock. Feel, calm and connect with specialized pranic breath work for your nervous system whilst we create length and space in the body. I will guide you to longer increments of present moment connection as we build towards a deep 20minute meditation at the end.  Everything is slow and breathed through with the most ease, joy, good feels and relaxation. This is a great class if you are trying yoga or aerial for the first time or for anyone who is needing an experience of solace.

Increase personal confidence and self belief as you snuggle your fears in the “Aerial Brave” class.  You will stretch out the body deeply, stimulate fascia and nerve fibers with the gentle tourniquet effect of the silken fabric support, revitalize the bodies circulation and all accompanied by focused pranic breath work to increase overall energy flow. Whilst binding and holding the swing support, you will be able to play in balance poses for longer, awakening and building strength in those important small stabilizing muscles. As you learn to invert the body (hang upside down) you will be guided methodically step by step and safely through. Once you know what to do, there will be space and time to take it at your own pace.  I will be walking around, on hand for encouragement and assistance as well as providing bolsters for extra soft assurance. Fly, Beautiful, Fly!

Discuss first regarding recent surgery, eye problems, high blood pressure or joint issues you may have 


Mat Yoga classes

 Suitable for all Yogis/Great for beginners.

Including lots of specialised breath work (pranayama) to bring energy into the body, movements to work all the joints and the whole spine so that energy can flow and heal.

Guiding you with positive affirmations each week and providing a much needed reprieve from the intensity of mind chatter, unhelpful thought patterns and stress.

Workshops and Day retreats

 Suitable for all Yogis/Great for beginners.

We offer a number of different workshops and one day retreats including Partner yoga, Chakra health,  Journalling and meditation, Full moon events and Singing bowl meditation. Link to workshop page is on its way


Casual Aerial Yoga $20

Casual Mat Yoga $15

 10 class pass for Aerial $150 6 month expiry

10 class pass for Mat Yoga $100

 6 month unlimited pass for all classes inclusive

on SPECIAL until end September 2018 $450

(usually $650) – Plus all workshops & retreats receive 50% discount